About Us

Our History

Little Champs International Pre-school was founded in 2016 by dedicated parents who identified a need for a pre-school program that was different from others in the area. These parents imagined a pre-school where their cooperative efforts could create a stimulating and exciting learning environment for their children. They created where parents could play a direct role in their child’s education.

Today, Little Champs International Pre-school is establishing reputable name in the field early childhood education. We are expanding the schools across Myanmar to provide quality education and render our explicit services to take part in improving Myanmar education.

Our Philosophy

LCIS supports an inclusive and child-centered approach to education that respects the integrity of each and every student. We believe in the importance of meeting the educational requirements of students with a diversity of backgrounds and learning profiles with the goal of nurturing each child’s engagement and skills so they can achieve their personal and academic goals. We believe that children’s progress in key social and cognitive development milestones is a prerequisite to academic success. To implement our inclusive vision of education, our curriculum and teachers ‘professional development are based on the latest research on child development and education neuroscience.

Our Mission

Little Champs International Pre-school embraces the most current practices in Early Childhood Education and values whole child development through interest and project- based curriculum. Our teachers are committed to providing a safe and loving environment in which children explore, discover, learn and play.

Our Vision

  • Help children to develop, achieve and succeed

  • Nurture children to reach new heights

  • Train children to be confident, competent and creative

  • Deliver a comprehensive and holistic learning environment for language acquisition

  • Focus on developing professional skills of child care teachers

  • Provide the world-class education for children

  • Educate and cooperate with parents to obtain a full potential development of children

  • Foster love of country and deep commitment to the culture, tradition and care for environment

Our Values

The values that LCIS incorporates into its classrooms are what helps our students develop into Global Citizens. We expect all of our staff to uphold these values in their classrooms and their daily behavior in the school.

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Kindness

  • Integrity

  • Responsibility

  • Social Awareness

  • Diversity

  • Creativity

  • Teamwork