Payment can be made in one installment or a three-installment plan that will be discussed with our finance office. All registration, books, uniform and materials fees will be paid in the first installment prior to the start of the school year. Installment plans can be discussed with our Finance Officers.


Any student who is planning to enroll at LCIS must follow our enrolment procedures to efficiently complete the process and payment guidelines:

  • Parents and students must visit the campus and meet with our Student Affairs Officer to discuss our mission, vision, core values, grade-level expectations, student achievement, tuition costs and payment programs.

  • Parents must provide student documents from a prior school to verify achievement in grade-level achievement and complete admissions application form for review.

  • Previous school transcripts, letter of recommendation and birth certificates or ID card

  • Meet with Principal to discuss academic policies.

  • Read and sign Student-Parent Handbook, complete all registration forms such as emergency contacts, and make school tuition payment


When a LCIS student has or had their enrolment terminated, the school policy dictates that the students place will be given to a new enrolment.

If a LCIS student leaves the school, they will need to return any textbooks, library books, materials and their ID card. Any outstanding fees that haven't been paid will need to be settled with the school promptly. These may include tuition fees, damages incurred by the student, library fees, café, canteen fees, any sports or extra-curricular club fees.

At LCIS, any student terminating their enrolment at our school who does not meet the above conditions regarding termination will not be issued any school documents during their time at LCIS.